Obsidian All-Ceramic Restorations for Bridges, Crowns and Veneers


Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Features

Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic is a glass ceramic material indicated for the fabrication of full-contour crowns, inlays and onlays. Unlike traditional ceramics, Obsidian ceramic restorations are resistant to chipping due to their monolithic composition and average flexural strength of 385 MPa. These ceramic restorations exhibit an ideal combination of esthetics and strength with translucency that mirrors the vitality of natural teeth.

Obsidian ceramic restorations exceed the ISO strength requirements for cemented all-ceramic restorations and can be used anywhere in the mouth. They follow traditional all-ceramic prep requirements and can be conventionally cemented or adhesively bonded.

Obsidian ceramic restorations are available in the 14 most popular VITA® shades.

Obsidian exceeds the flexural strengths of competitors in its class. An innovative combination of more than 20 unique elemental oxides chosen from the periodic table (including zirconia) enable Obsidian to exhibit excellent properties.

Obsidian® Stain and Glaze Chairside and Starter Kits

The Obsidian® Stain and Glaze Kits include all of the components necessary to colorize and finish glass-ceramic and zirconia restorations. With one option ideal for clinicians who mill in-office restorations and one ideal for laboratories, the kits consist of paste stains, a glaze liquid and powder, mixing palette, and brush. The chairside version contains shades A, B, C and D, and the colors white, blue and orange; beyond these, the lab version additionally includes the colors black, brown, green, gray, ocher, pink, violet and yellow. The kits assist users in accomplishing all base shades from A through D, according to the VITA® Classical and Chromascop bleach shade systems.

With these kits in hand, users can enhance incisal translucency, mimic natural decalcifications, add characterization, and adjust overall colorization to better match milled restorations to the patient’s oral situation. The Obsidian stains and glazes have an optimal thermal expansion value, which helps ensure restorations are both strong and esthetic after final firing. Refills of all the included components are available through your distributor.

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