Obsidian All-Ceramic PFMs for Bridges, Crowns and Veneers

Fused to Metal

The strongest PFM ever developed

Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic Fused to Metal restorations are state-of-the-art PFMs for today’s clinician. They are 4 times stronger and achieve over 2 times more chip resistance than their predecessors. By pressing lithium silicate ceramic, rather than traditional porcelain, to metal the finished restorations achieve far greater strength than that of their predecessors. These natural-looking, chip-resistant restorations are ideal for areas where monolithic restorations are contraindicated, such as covering dark preps or endodontic posts when occlusal reduction or vertical dimension is limited.

Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations are available in the 14 most popular VITA® shades.


Obsidian® Fused to Metal vs. Conventional PFM

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4 times the flexural strength and 2 times the chipping resistance

Biaxial flexural strength is measured by applying force to the test discs until the ceramic fails. Obsidian ceramic takes four times the force to fracture compared to the force necessary to fracture conventional feldspathic porcelains (PFM veneering ceramics).

Chip resistance is measured by applying a point-force (load) on the edge of a test sample until chipping occurs. Obsidian Fused to Metal withstands more than twice the load compared to feldspathic porcelains.

Data provided by the Glidewell Laboratories Research and Development Department, 18651 Von Karman Ave., Irvine, CA 92612.

To measure the chipping resistance (or edge strength) of the veneer layer, a sharp point-force close to the edge of the test sample is applied. The test samples of Obsidian Fused to Metal withstood more than twice the load of the feldspathic porcelain PFM system.

Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations achieve far greater strength and toughness than those made using traditional porcelain. This is possible because Obsidian is reinforced (and hence strengthened) with a very high content of ultrafine, nanometer sized lithium silicate and lithium phosphate crystals, as is clearly demonstrated in the sledgehammer test video.

Obsidian® Stain and Glaze Chairside and Starter Kit

The Obsidian Stain and Glaze Kits include all of the components necessary to colorize and finish glass-ceramic and zirconia restorations. With one option ideal for clinicians who mill in-office restorations and one ideal for laboratories, the kits consist of paste stains, a glaze liquid and powder, mixing palette, and brush. The chairside version contains shades A, B, C and D, and the colors white, blue and orange; with the lab version adding the colors black, brown, green, gray, ocher, pink, violet and yellow. The stain and glaze kits enable the user to achieve all the VITA Classical and bleach shades.

With these kits in hand, users can enhance incisal translucency, mimic natural decalcifications, add characterization, and adjust overall colorization to better match milled restorations to the patient’s oral situation. The Obsidian stains and glazes have an optimal thermal expansion value, which helps ensure restorations are both strong and esthetic after final firing. Refills of all the included components are available through your distributor.

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